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Presiding Elder Reverend Thomas R. Stegall
Atlanta East District of the
Atlanta North Georgia Conference of the AME Church

                                                              Presiding Elder Reverend Thomas R. Stegall currently serves as the Presiding                                                                      Elder for the Atlanta East District for the Atlanta North Georgia Conference of                                                             the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  

                                                              He is a native of Fairburn, Georgia where he resides with his wife, Mrs.                                                                                Katherine Stegall.

                                                              He is the first son of the late Mr. & Mrs. Milton Stegall.  He has two children,                                                                      Darryl and Crystal and four grandchildren, Destiny, Jonoah, Trinity,and Malia. 


Following high school, he joined the United States Marine Corp and served his country for four years.  After receiving an honorary discharge from the United States Marine Corp., he returned to the corporate workplace.  He returned to school and received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Saint Leo College in Atlanta Georgia. His desire to study to show himself approved led him to matriculate through Turner Seminary at the Interdenominational Theological Center located in Atlanta, GA. Presiding Elder Reverend Stegall holds a Master of Divinity Degree with a concentration in Homiletics.


Presiding Elder Reverend Stegall was ordained an Itinerate Deacon in 1993 and an Itinerate Elder in 1995 in the African Methodist Episcopal Church at the Atlanta North Georgia Conference.


His pastoral background includes the following churches:

Mathlama AME Church, Morrow Georgia 1992 (Supply Pastor)

Knight Monumental AME Church, Stockbridge, Georgia 1992-1992 (Assistant Pastor)

Saint Philip AME Church, Culloden, Georgia 1993-1996

Greenville AME Church, Musella, Georgia 1993-1996

Greater Bethel AME Church, Atlanta, Georgia 1996-1999

Greater Turner AME Church, Atlanta, Georgia 1996-2006

St. Paul AME Church, Covington, Georgia 2006-2021


In addition to serving at Saint Paul AME Church in Covington, Georgia for fifteen years before being appointed the Presiding Elder of the Atlanta East District, he has held and still holds several key positions within the Atlanta East District, Atlanta North Georgia Conference and community.

His service to God and mankind has allowed him to do what he loves to do and that is to hear and preach on the word of God.  He states that if he could, he would stay in the church from sunup to sundown. He is a comforter and a great man of God. His love for mankind is noted in his service to helping no matter who you are. His door is always open to members of the twenty-four churches he now presides over.  

Please continue to pray for this mighty man of God as he goes forth doing the work of the Lord.

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